Thank You

Thank you all!

With your help the Sunshine Summit was a overwhelming success in its mission to electrify the Republican grassroots movement. Fourteen presidential candidates, four U.S. Senate candidates and party leaders were able to connect with over 2,500 devoted attendees in Orlando.

The Sunshine Summit highlights the dedication and value of our grassroots. Thanks to all of the passionate Republicans that attended, we have displayed to the nation that Florida is a battleground state that plays an integral role in the next election— we will decide the White House in 2016!

Florida has proven that Republican solutions yield economic growth and expansive opportunity. The Sunshine Summit exemplified this truth through our presidential speaker series, in which the GOP candidates for president demonstrated that any one of them would be a better president than Hillary Clinton. With your commitment we will take our common-sense, effective solutions and values directly to Washington in 2016.

Thank you,
Chairman Blaise Ingoglia
Republican Party of Florida